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Last Updated: November 1, 2009

The Senior Classical League is an organization made up of college & post-college age students, who share a continuing interest in the classics and a commitment to helping the Junior Classical League at national convention.


     During the WA/BC JCL State Convention, the Local SCL is responsible for organizing all Olympika events, the catapult contest, the essay contest, administering the academic contests and Certamen. The SCL maintains ties throughout the year with once maybe twice a year meetings. During the NJCL Convention, members of the SCL are responsible for organizing all Ludi and Olympika events, producing That's Entertainment, and publishing the daily newsletter The Convention Ear. In addition, the SCL has its own General Assemblies, elections, and a banquet at the end of convention.

     High School seniors/graduates are invited to join SCL at the State JCL convention or at the summer's national convention. JCL delegates who join SCL are welcome at all SCL functions, eligible to vote and hold national SCL office. However, for the convention during the summer after high school graduation, they are still regarded as JCL delegates and therefore must abide by the rules, including curfew, laid down for JCL delegates in this convention booklet. Current SCL members are expected to follow the same guidelines as sponsors and chaperones. They are also expected to assist with SCL activities.


What are the Benefits?


Benefits for those who are members of the Senior Classical League include:

  • The SCL only events throughout the year.

  • The SCL / Sponsor activities during State and National convention.

  • The SCL Banquet at National Convention.

  • The Senior Classical League "reunion" events.

  • Special access to member only features of the NSCL.org website!

  • Be involved in "That's Entertainment!"

  • Ability to attend banquets without being classical clothed!

  • and many more...


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